• 'Northern Africa' map for Trailblazer

    Northern Africa

    For Trailblazer

  • 'British Walking Guides' map for Trailblazer

    British Walking Guides

    For Trailblazer

  • 'Tour de Armenia' map for Raffi Youredjian

    Tour de Armenia

    For Raffi Youredjian

  • 'Lesbos' map for Nigel McGilchrist


    For Nigel McGilchrist

  • 'Inca Trail' map for Trailblazer

    Inca Trail

    For Trailblazer

  • 'Desert Travels' map for Chris Scott

    Desert Travels

    For Chris Scott

  • 'Morocco Overland' map for Trailblazer

    Morocco Overland

    For Trailblazer

  • 'Panaghia Katapoliani' map for Nigel McGilchrist

    Panaghia Katapoliani

    For Nigel McGilchrist

  • 'Tierra del Fuego Cruises' map for Swoop Patagonia

    Tierra del Fuego Cruises

    For Swoop Patagonia

  • 'Avebury' map for Nick Hill


    For Nick Hill

  • El Hierro walking map for Sunflower Books

    El Hierro walking route

    For Sunflower Books

  • 'Sinai - The Trekking Guide' map for Trailblazer

    Sinai - The Trekking Guide

    For Trailblazer

  • 'Glyndŵr's Way' map for Trailblazer

    Glyndŵr's Way

    For Trailblazer

  • 'To Snare a Spy' map for Jon Stock

    To Snare a Spy

    For Jon Stock

  • 'The Long March' map for Nick Hill

    The Long March

    For Nick Hill

  • 'Gertrude Bell's Travels in Turkey in 1905' map for Pat Yale

    Following Miss Bell

    For Pat Yale

  • 'Mediterranean Colonisation in Early Antiquity' map for Nigel McGilchrist

    Mediterranean Colonisation

    For Nigel McGilchrist

  • 'Back in India' map for Nick Hill

    Back in India

    For Nick Hill

  • 'Trans-Siberian Rail Routes' map for Trailblazer

    Trans-Siberian Rail Routes

    For Trailblazer

  • 'The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer' map for Lucille Turner

    The Sultan, Vampyr & Soothsayer

    For Lucille Turner

  • 'Clarendon Way' map for Nick Hill

    Clarendon Way

    For Nick Hill

  • 'Avebury to Stonehenge' map for Nick Hill

    Avebury to Stonehenge

    For Nick Hill

  • 'Imber Range Perimeter Path' map for Nick Hill

    Imber Range Perimeter Path

    For Nick Hill

  • 'Lambourn Valley Way' map for Nick Hill

    Lambourn Valley Way

    For Nick Hill

  • Hi, I'm Nick Hill. I've been drawing maps since 1999. Whether you're after a single map, or a whole series, I can provide just what you need. I draw maps for a wide range of uses including for guidebooks, novels, travelogues, travel companies and academic journals.

    07765 207396

    51 Hillier Rd, Devizes, SN10 2FB

  • "Nick has been working on cartographic projects for Trailblazer since 1999, designing and drawing maps for over 50 books. His skill is not only his ability to provide accurate maps and work efficiently to tight deadlines but also in being able to handle projects independently, liaising with authors and editors as the project requires."

    Bryn Thomas

  • "Nick's a true pro - fast, accurate and intuitive. He improved everything I gave him several times over, making maps that were both functional and creative, and which it's great to have in the book. As much as the end product, he was top-notch to work with on the way: patient, helpful, and prepared to go the extra mile. A big thumbs up; fully vouched for and recommended."

    Ben Hoffler
    Sinai: The Trekking Guide

  • "Thank you for your superb work on all the maps and plans. Nobody could have been more meticulous and professional about getting it all done so quietly and quickly and accurately. Thank you for being so understanding, too, of the problems at my end of getting everything just right. I don't think such a complex and lengthy job could have possibly gone better with anyone else."

    Nigel McGilchrist
    McGilchrist's Greek Islands

  • "Officially, Nick is my map-maker. Unofficially, and wonderfully, he is also my guru. When I cannot solve a problem - whether it’s to do with IT or GPS or design - I ask Nick and he always solves it calmly and quickly. No idea what I would do without him."

    Pat Underwood
    Sunflower Books

  • "I used Nick to design a map of Iceland for my book. He was responsive, helpful and extremely professional. The map is a triumph, and adds serious value to the book. This is all thanks to Nick and his skills"

    Edward Hancox
    Iceland, Defrosted

  • "We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the tremendous work you've done on the maps. They already feel like a core part of who we are."

    Luke Errington
    Swoop Patagonia

  • "Nick has the knack of interpreting a busy author's hurried cartographic scribbles to produce great maps which always enhance the final product - and he does it fast too."

    Chris Scott
    Adventure motorcyclist